Thursday, April 9, 2009

Has it seriously been a month already?

Ahem. Yeah. Is this thing on?
Apparently I have gone a whole month without blogging. A WHOLE MONTH. How did this happen? I think somewhere between the desperation of waiting for spring to come and the excitement of my birthday, March break and Easter (and not in that order) my blogging mojo got up and went.
Well, I am back...although I am making no promises as to how long or how often I will show up here. I always do that - oh yeah, I promise to start blogging every day, I swear I will - and then I fall off the wagon and beat myself up over it - over a blog of all things!
Okay so now that we have that established, where should be start?
How about my birthday. Nothing like a little shameless self promotion to loosen things up. So anyways, April 1st marked my 34th birthday. 34. I have definitely passed out of the realm of my 20s....I am officially mommy age. I am comfortable being 34 though, as its not over the hill towards 40, and yet I still enjoy the respect that comes with not being treated like a 25 year old.
My thirties have definitely been a growing time for me. I no longer look out for #1. Perhaps that is because God has thrown so much #2 into my life - HAHHA get it? Ahhhh, potty humour. I have been spending waaaaay too much time with my 4 year old.
SO where was I - oh yes, God. God has tested me and stretched me and look at it, I have grown. I am slowly coming to accept that I cannot do things perfectly, and slowly coming to realize that not all things are in my control...I have released my grip and made great strides at turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to my naysayers. So nay to you naysayers...I can't hear you.
I am not entirely happy with my body these days, but I am happy with my health. I am officially a non smoker, a non drinker and a non junk food eater. All this and I still managed to gain 7 pounds in the last month. Hey wait a minute - I have not blogged for one month. I have also gained 7 pounds in that month. Hmmmmm. Coincidence? I think not! That's it, its official - not blogging is bad for your health!
So back to the birthday. I didn't get a whole lot. Hubby and I don't really do gifts - but he did go and get me a whole bunch of no sugar snacks and puzzle mags. Fidget used his own money and got me a Vanilla Buttercream diffuser (you know, that bottle of oily stuff with the reeds in it??) The other two - well, they really don't know about birthdays yet, so they got me nothing. My mom gave me lovely flowers and bought some childcare hours cards at the Y ** Oh yeah! The Y! That's where I have been - more on this later**. My brother and his fiancee got me a gift card for winners that is rapidly burning a hole in my pocket - I may just have to go spend it tonight on a nice Easter dress. And....that's about it. We went out for dinner and then home. Then bed, then up and it is a brand new day. Ho hum. You know, birthdays just aren't what they used to be!!
So yes, let's touch on the Y subject before I jet off for another month (just kidding....well...maybe not). Hubby and I have both wanted to join the Y for some time now - but we thought that we could never afford it, and that we wouldn't go unless there was something, some sort of program for ALL of us. This alone is a miracle of miracles as there are 5 of us and we are all so very different. Anyhow, I emailed about the possibility of a subsidy, and lo and behold, they told us to come in for an appointment to discuss. So we did. And we qualified!!! And now we are officially members of the Y!!!! So very awesome - The Mouth has been thoroughly enjoying her Monday morning play and swim time, The Joker fits nicely in the nursery area (and as soon as that stubborn little thing decides to pee on the potty, we can get him in the pool too). I am just in love with the gym thing - all the weight machines call out my name and I could be in there for hours if I am not careful. The treadmills suit hubby and I both and get this - we are even taking a class TOGETHER!!! Cardio kickboxing! Now this may not seem like much, but if you knew my hubby, you would be shocked - he is one of the most sedentary guys ever!! But he has done really well so far. Sure, I am the only motivator in the house that makes everyone go, but they do go and they all end up loving it. So yes, that is where I have been....and will be 4 times a week until I get sick of it or injured, whichever comes first.
Well, that's it - your April 09/09 update. No promises, although if I know myself as well as i think I do, I will be back very soon for a whole bunch of times and then completely disappear!

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