Friday, December 26, 2008

IN hopes of being a more consistent blogger, I have set up a semi-schedule (the fact that I am a compulsive organizer also contributed to this creation, but more on that later). I took a note from a fellow blogger who does the same, and so this is my plan:
Mondays: Weekly Recap
Tuesdays: As I see it/the confessional
Wednesdays: God's Word on Wednesdays (WOW)
Thursdays: Picture Time!
Friday: 10 things (kinda like a top 10 list....well not really, just a list of 10 things....)
After having to consult my calendar to find out what day of the week it actually is (funny how Christmas does that to you) I am here with my first installment of 10 here goes!
Not that this happens every Christmas, but it happened this one! My much loved brother in law (Uncle Oka) moved to Australia about a year and a half ago. I often wonder what life would be like if he were still living here. He is one of those guys who just has such a zest for life, always trying new things, the life of the party, you know? Anyhow, he left just after Joker's 1st birthday, and I thought we would not see him again until either he got married (which is a very very long shot) or a funeral.
So after a great deal of Christmas hoopla here at the house, and then a much needed post-hoopla nap, we head over to the in-laws for Christmas day dinner. There we are, standing in the living room, when a familiar voice says "took you guys long enough to get here" - and we turn around and there is OKA!!! I almost, almost said a very bad word, but managed a 'what the heck' and gave him a giant hug. Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen is a good good gift.
My hubby, loving guy that he is, knows of my love of all word related puzzles. The sweet guy bought me 8 new puzzle books - that should keep me busy for about a to decide which one to crack open first.
As you may well know, I do not eat sugar. This puts a serious cramp in Valentines Day, Easter, and any other holiday in which chocolate is a major gift. (Speaking of which, when did all holidays turn into eating related events??? Can't we celebrate one special day without a ginormous meal??? No wonder we as a nation are getting bigger!!)
In past years, my mom would buy us all a chocolate initial from this awesome chocolatier in town....but now that I no longer eat the delicious brown stuff, she has abandoned the ritual.
I have found a few sources of sugarless chocolate, but there is a major drawback - it is expensive (that and it gives you major diarrhea if you eat too much of it)!! And to a total cheapskate like me, the expense factor is not a good thing. I will not turn down chocolate given to me as a gift however...mmmm chocolate...
Hubby and the Joker went out and bought all the sugarless chocolate they could find! I got half a grocery bag of it! However, as much as I want to dive in and eat it all in one sitting, I would rather not spend the next two weeks on the 'throne'. EWWW.
Both new and old, Christmas memories are my favorites. I have a gramma who went all out at this time of year - a tree loaded with ornaments, decorations on every surface that would hold them, bowls and baskets full of treats and goodies, and the presents - oh the presents.... She made me love Christmas for the warm and fuzzy feelings it brings.
Having become a Christian in my adult years, Christmas definitely brings with it a new reason to love the season - and each year, telling the Christmas story to my children, watching their comprehension level rise little by little, all brings new additions to already wonderful memories.
Then there are the inevitable engagements, impending birth announcements and other miscellaneous good news items that come about. I remember the year we gave our parents each a peanut, to announce the fact that we were expecting The Joker. Now every year it takes all the self control I have to NOT hand out a peanut just to watch all the colour run out of their faces ;)
I know that as the years pass and our families age, there will be years where the memories are painful, as in the first Christmas without one of our parents, or the first Christmas with one of our kids moved out. But for now, I relish all the good ones we have made and continue to make.
How can you not share in the excitement of a 4 year old on Christmas eve? Okay, it can get annoying to hear the 80th request to open presents, but it is exciting all the same. And to watch their eyes light up upon opening the gift you gave them - it is so fun to see them that enthused. If I could bottle that energy and save it for some of my most tired days, I would.
Come on people - it's Christmas for crying out loud - it's not like it is a surprise. I mean it comes at the exact same time every year - it is not my fault that you left your shopping until the very last moment and now you are angry that I have a cart full of groceries in line in front of you.....cheer up!!
How many different ways can you write Merry Christmas in a card? What if you are sending the cards to all of your family, and they may read each others cards? You are kind of obligated to make them all different. Some people are those that I rarely talk to, have no idea what is going on in their lives, and I really can't pull anything out of my brain other than a lame have a good year. My perfectionism drives me to write the perfect note in each and every card, and yet my increasing wrist and hand pain deters me from writing anything near legible...
No no, not from other people as in 'give me this gift or you are out of the will'. More like - give me a list of what you want so I can go and buy it. I have a really really hard time asking for anything I need, much less stuff I want. It was like pulling teeth trying to put a list together for my mom, and then she turned around and gave me money I went and bought all my own stuff. I would much rather just pass on the gifts and call it a day - really, in this day and age, what do I really NEED?? NOTHING. Actually, there is one thing I want/need more than anything from my family - their PRESENCE, not their PRESENTS...we will see how that goes, everyone is so very busy these days (wow this has suddenly taken a very depressing turn...okay onto another topic)
I see people this time of year and say 'oh, yeah, we need to get together', and yet another year passes and nothing. I carry that guilt like a heavy weight on my shoulders. And then I sit back and think - they didn't get together with ME either, do they carry this guilt? If only there were a way to just dump all this mutual guilt and actually enjoy the visit together when we DO get a chance...
Drunk people are spilly talkers. I clean a bar in the mornings, and so I am quite aware of how much alcohol lands on the floor. They are bad aimers in the bathroom too. EWWW. Tinsel is impossible to sweep or mop, and cats and tinsel do not mix. Have you ever heard a cat hacking up a 2 inch piece of tinsel at 3:00 am? Not a pleasant sound. Finally road salt - very very useful on the road, but a bugger to clean with a mop. When it gets wet, it melts - but when it dries, it recrystallizes and shows big shimmery streaks all over the floor. ALL OVER the floor.
So there you go - my Friday 10 THINGS....
Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Holiday (see? lame brain is totally out of unique Christmas wishes...sorry)
I may be a mother but I am Not Your Average Mom

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