Thursday, January 22, 2009

taking on too much

I do this all the time. I start out with a relatively clean slate of time, aside from the mandatory raising the kids, keeping house, etc, and then add and add and add to it until I am running myself ragged. And every time, I tell myself that I will not do it again. Almost as soon as those words are out of my mouth, there I am again, piling it back up.
I have taken an inventory of my usual week, and I am exhausted just looking at it:
Monday: BSF leaders meeting (I do the childcare so the moms can have discussion and fellowship time) 9-11:30. Hubby has men's Bible study, so I am on my own to get the kids to bed. Have also started meeting with my Mentor every other Monday evening....which requires some housecleaning during the day....
Tuesday: Take the Mouth to school, get weekly groceries and run any other errands, home to do total house cleaning, quick nap, pick up Mouth from school, and once a month (sometimes twice) go to a ladies' meeting at the church. While this sounds like a nice night out, I rarely, if ever, leave without making sure the kids are bathed, pj'ed and ready for bed.
Wednesday: BSF for me & the kids - 9-11:30, home for a quick nap, off to pick up Fidget (1/2 hour drive) and then back, quick dinner, help F. study & do homework, get kids ready for bed, take Fidget to Youth Group at church. While he is there I either do Bible Study homework or prepare for my Sunday School lesson. Drive Fidget home, then head back home myself, fall into bed - exhausted.
Thursday - up at 4:00am, head to work by 4:30, work 4:45-7:00, zip home, make lunches & breakfast (if hubby has not already done so), get kids dressed. Take Mouth to school, then the Joker and I head to Mom's Morning Out group 9-11:30. Home, quick but desperately needed nap, go pick up Mouth at school, head home. Dinner, bath night for kids, spend some quality time with my man.
Friday - up at 4:00am, head to work. Home by 7:00. If Mouth has school, get her ready, pack up kids and head out. run any extra errands, then home for catch up on any homework I may have missed etc. Nap if possible. Pick up Mouth, and then every other weekend, drive to pick up Fidget. Home, cook dinner, get littlest kids ready and into bed, then games night with Fidget.
Saturday - up at 4:00am, work. Home around 7:30 (extra dirty on Sat. mornings). Make breakfast, chores for a bit, then try to tackle any projects we have slated (ie home repair). Nap in afternoon, then up, make sure Sunday School lesson is complete, dinner, kids ready and into bed, and usually we have some sort of movie night.
Sunday - up at 4:00am, work. Home, get ready for church. Church from 9:30-11:30, then off to in-law's for lunch. Home by 2:00 for nap, up by 4:00 for final SS prep, off to church for 5:30. Sunday School from 6:00-7:30, then take Fidget home if necessary and then home myself.
And then it is Monday, all over again.
It makes me wonder if I will ever allow myself adequate sleep again. I mean, it looks like I take a lot of naps, but really, we are talking an hour nap at the most, and at night I get maybe 5 hours of sleep. I really have no right to complain though, I have made my bed. Now though I only lie in it proverbially, I still must lie in it

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